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Hotels in Beyoğlu

All hotels are conveniently located in Beyoğlu, right in the city center, 5 minutes' walking distance from the university. The luxurious, tranquil, and hygienic hotels provide single and shared rooms with comfortable beds, desks, and wardrobes. Daily room cleaning and unlimited high-speed internet services are provided for free. Room type and roommate preferences must be indicated on the application form.

*Minors (age under 18)

The minor participant who participates in the festival must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All accompanying adults must join the Auditor program to be eligible to stay in the festival and to attend all activities with the participants.

If a parent or guardian is not able to accompany the participant, please contact for a matching guardian (Chinese, Korean, Turkish available). 

Lunch Plans

Traditional Turkish full - breakfast will be provided by the hotel every day.

Participants are encouraged to join our lunch plans which include an exclusive lunch every day with the artist faculty members. Prepared by nutritionists at the university, the meals are healthy and balanced (special dietary options available). During lunch hours, students will socialize and network with the faculty members and other participants.

* Those who select +Dinner Plans (3 courses) will join the same table with the faculty members and festival guests.



Practice Rooms

All participants can use 12 practicing piano studios at Bahçeşehir University on a daily sign-up basis.








Local Restaurants and Shopping Center

Near the waterfront, located minutes walking distance from the university, there are many delicious Turkish, Italian, Austrian, and Asian restaurants. Various souvenir stores, banks, and post offices are located near the university.


Health Center

There are a number of pharmacies and the university health center near the university. For insurance purposes, participants’ Turkish ID Number should be submitted on the application form.

International participants are suggested to apply for international health insurance prior to their arrivals, and email about the insurance information.

Lunch & Learn                                  *festival program

€10 / 6 days = €60

Lunch & Dinner receptions            *exclusively with faculty members

€35 / 6 days = €210

Meal Plan


Turkish full-breakfast will be provided at the hotel. Lunch will be served at the university cafeteria. The menu is designed by the university’s nutrition team, and participants will share the table with Artist faculty members. Dinners are exclusively designed by the festival team on daily basis, a course meal with Artist faculty members at different local Turkish restaurants. Parents are welcome.


*Sample dinner MENU

*Special meal options are available. Please inquire to




Hotels near Galata Tower


3 or 4 Stars Hotels / Single, Double, Triple rooms to choose from

Affordable Apartment - Hotel options available

Easy walking distance to the university

Full - Turkish breakfast provided

*Sample 4 stars Hotel recommendation

*Sample affordable Apartment Hotel recommendation

*Festival will make special discount arrangement with the hotels. Please inquire to

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