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How to get to Bahçeşehir University

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Form the Istanbul Airport, reach to the conservatory


1.Metro - Take the airport metro line to the Kağıthane station, then from Kağıthane to Gayrettepe, finally Gayrettepe to the Şişhane station. From the Şişhane station will find the conservatory in 3 minutes walk


2. Havaist - Take the Airport Bus line 16 to the Taksim square, and take one metro stop to Şişhane station



Tel: +90) 850 888 3334


3. Public Bus- Take İETT publIc bus line H-2 to the Mecidiyeköy metro station. From there, reach to the Şişhane station 4 stations away


4.Taxi - The conservatory is about 40 km / 40 minutes far from the airport 



Tel:+90) 8507807734

Mobile: +90) 5333157133

Contact Information

Dr. Yoonie Han | English, Korean

Executive Director, Co-Artistic Director

Prof. Hyun Sook Tekin | Turkish, German

Co-Artistic Director

Ms. Zoe Yu | Chinese

Assistant Faculty

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