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Welcome to our week long celebration of piano music!


The Istanbul Piano Festival is a unique program that provides the valuable experience of studying and interacting with prominent musicians, making musical friends, discovering role models, and participating in multiple performance opportunities. Located at Bahçeşehir University - around the Bosporus Sea and in the heart of Istanbul - the Istanbul Piano Festival offers enchanting opportunities to explore Istanbul and free access to the university’s many amenities.

The festival will provide exposure to the practical aspects of performance and advanced artistic guidance. Students will receive constant inspiration and individual attention in our warm and supportive environment at Bahçeşehir University. For young pianists who are aspiring to learn and experience interaction with some of the leading musical artists in the world today, the Istanbul Piano Festival will present unparalleled opportunities. The festival will give all participants the chance to work together with each other and form life long musical friendships.

We are proud to announce that we are the first international music festival in the academic environment in Turkey which provides such extensive concert opportunities for our Steinway Prize winners. We are officially supported by Steinway & Sons.

At festival, we emphasize the importance of confidence and competence in performance. We welcome students and music lovers of all ages and all levels in our three programs – Active, Piano Duo, and Auditor and will provide a customized approach for each student. I attended my first music festival in Aspen, U.S. when I was 14 years old, and I remember how overwhelming it was and how inspiring it was. That festival was a life changing experience that inspired me to pursue my musical career. I hope your week in Istanbul will give you the same valuable inspiration.

For one week, in our culturally accomplished environment in Istanbul, participants will be immersed in the art of piano music and will be inspired and challenged by the dedicated festival faculty. They will be personally mentored through our distinctive seminars and Lunch & Learn program.

At Istanbul Piano Festival, we are committed to excellence and would like our participants to enjoy the marvelous experience of working closely with outstanding artist faculty and benefiting from the exclusive seminars and concert opportunities.

We aim to nurture the musical interests of pianists and guide them onward in their careers. We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul this summer!

Dr. Yoonie Han

Yoonie Han

Steinway Artist

Steinway Honorary Professor

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