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Active, Piano Duo, Auditor

Active program participants will have 3 private lessons and 1 masterclass, play in the Young Artists Concerts at the concert hall at the Bahçeşehir University, and attend Lunch & Learn, special seminars, and excursions. There is no age limit. 

Piano Duo
Piano Duo program participants will enjoy the same benefits as the Active program participants.



Auditor program participants are invited to attend all masterclasses and other activities. 
This program is an excellent opportunity for pedagogues who are interested in Piano Pedagogy, or amateur pianists who have a passionate love of piano to observe lessons by international artist faculty and concerts by emerging pianists at the festival. Seminars for piano teachers will be specially designed for this program. Participants in the Auditor program are welcome to arrange a private lesson/session with artist-faculty members at a moderate cost. There is no age limit. 

This program welcomes parents or a guardian who accompanies a student under the age of 18.

*All programs are in English. Translators (Turkish, Chinese, Korean, German, and Russian) are available free of charge for masterclasses. Please request additional service at


Private Lessons

Each Active and Piano Duo program participant will have three lessons with different artist faculty members.



Each Active and Piano Duo program participant will play in one masterclass of an artist faculty member of preference.


Young Artists Concerts

All Active and Piano Duo program participants are invited to perform in the concerts. The details must be submitted in the application form. A professional quality video is available at moderate costs.

*All lessons are 40 minutes each.

*Additional private lessons (60 minutes) with preferred professors are possible.

Please contact



1. Career Development Seminar

“Vision of Meeting Any Challenges”



An exploration of how to create a successful music career for Classical pianists in the 21st Century. Participants will be educated, inspired, and mentored as they hone their innovative and creative skills as well as identify their goals in music. This unique seminar is a round table discussion between artist faculty members and participants.


Topics include:

  • Preparation of an artist’s portfolio

  • Recognizing professional opportunities

  • How to write engaging program notes

  • Exploring opportunities outside of Concert Halls

  • Forming a Chamber music group and finding freelance work

  • Developing professional networking strategies and publicity skills

  • How to program repertoire for concerts, competitions, and auditions


2. Conducting Seminar

Extension of Musical Knowledge for Pianists”

Learning conducting helps a pianist become a well rounded musician. Participants will learn to increase their leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of dynamics and expression. Being a pianist can be a lonely pursuit; learning to play with an ensemble can provide a pianist with additional musical and social skills.

3. Effortless Piano Playing:  Physiology and Psychological Seminar

“A Workshop to Address Musculoskeletal and Psychological Considerations in the Art of Piano Playing”


As musicians, we experience a continuous increase in the instrument - technical demands and often perfectionistic expectations from the audience. This may tighten up our minds and bodies. We all are familiar with performance anxiety, stress, and chronic pain in our daily music making. In our precisely designed physiology sessions, pianists will learn to realize that we are able to control our own anxiety, stress, tension, and ways to prevent performance injuries.

While striving to develop perfect technique, musicians can experience a tightening of both their minds and their bodies. This can lead to performance anxiety, stress, and chronic pain — in music making and in daily life. Our "Physiology and Psychological Considerations in the Art of Piano Playing” seminar will help thel participants learn to overcome these problems when they occur, as well as how to avoid them in the first place.

4. Unique Lunch – Social Hours – Listen & Learn


“Exclusive Moments to Listen & Share Thoughts with Artists Faculty”

All participants will enjoy spending time with artist faculty members during lunch hour. This is a perfect opportunity for young artists to meet their mentors and be friends with other pianists in a social setting. The participants will listen and learn from faculty members’ experiences and enjoy an open conversation in a casual environment.



5. Excursions in Historical Parts in Istanbul

"We Love Istanbul! Istanbul has it all: Fascinating History, Delicious Food, Beautiful Sights, Distinguished Culture, and All-day Entertainment”


Top Places to Visit in Istanbul

Turkey has hosted the most important cultural civilizations of the world is also nestles various natural beauties besides its historical wealth. Every neighborhood carries different geographical characteristics and has its exclusive cuisine and colors. The festival offers Classic Old-City Tour Including Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern, and beyond. The participants will be taken to Grand Bazaar and Spice Market and will be fascinated by the variety of antiques, carpets, crafts, and tastes of herbs, spices, and sweets. All participants will be invited to a sunset tour of the Bosporus beachside, the iconic site of Istanbul. The participants will be invited to the traditional Turkish dinner with a beautiful panorama at a restaurant, and a relaxing time with the faculty members and friends of the festival.


VIP Pass 

  • Dine with artist faculty members

  • VIP admissions at every /or preferred events

  • Opportunity to sponsor young artists and host a private concert

Special Friends of Festival

  • Enjoy the live stream concerts

  • Receive gifts and newsletters from Istanbul Piano Festival and Steinway

  • Opportunity to sponsor young artists

*For VIP Pass and Special Friends programs, please contact (English/Chinese) (Turkish) 

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